On Wednesday 3rd July I spent my day with the HASAG ladies. On arrival, they were immediately friendly, welcoming and inclusive, and I was looking forward to going on two of their home visits. I went with Lisa, and after a few moments of doubting the directions, we arrived at the first visit. We met a lovely couple, with the patient having been diagnosed with mesothelioma from his exposure to asbestos whilst serving in the Navy. Lisa, in her role with the Armed Forces, was very knowledgeable on what they were entitled to and how to help them, and both of them were clearly very grateful for the support and kindness from the HASAG group, in particular the lady, whose previous husband had died from mesothelioma.
Her emotional story just showed how important the work is that HASAG does, as she explained how she had received no help at all looking after her first husband, and had not even been given a clear diagnosis to start with, as many doctors hadn’t even heard of mesothelioma. It was very clear to see how much she appreciated and was thankful for HASAG’s support, advice and being able to offer her a financially stable future.
After that visit, and much chatter in the car, we went to visit the second patient, who had been exposed to asbestos nearly his entire working life as a carpenter. He was being cared for amazingly well by his brother, and he was also extremely grateful for the genuine care, passion and concern shown by HASAG. He was also pleased by the prospects of a financially stable future, and being able to help his brother out.
The next day I also went to a coffee morning in Woking, held by HASAG. There were drinks, cake and a raffle, (which I managed to get lucky on!), and it was great to see so many patients and their families attending and socialising with each other. There was a really nice atmosphere and everyone seemed to be getting on well and enjoying themselves, all thanks to HASAG.

I have really enjoyed my time spent with HASAG, and it is brilliant to witness first-hand the positive impact on so many peoples’ lives that the ladies have, making them feel like they aren’t alone, and ensuring that they are all cared for, and feel as comfortable as they can, clients and their families included. Thank you for my amazing experience, it really highlighted how important the job is that HASAG does and also how much passion and care all the ladies put in to it.