HASAG Asbestos Disease Support is dedicated to supporting people affected by Asbestos-related diseases in the South, South East, London and the Home Counties.

As a student on work experience at a law firm, I was set a task to gather knowledge on asbestos and its impacts, not only physically, but the emotional impact and overall damage it can cause.

While the disease is horrible, I was shocked as to how well the patients were appearing to cope emotionally, they were able to smile a participate in the raffle happily, encouraged by the HASAG team. The fact that one has a life threatening disease simply because their employer didn’t provide them with proper safety gear, despite the knowledge of the damage asbestos has, is astonishing.

But being around patients that are making the most of their time and, or at least seem to be, enjoying themselves really proves how much work and effort is put into them by the team at HASAG.

Upon arriving at the Portsmouth Coffee Morning on the 28th of June, I was introduced and greeted by many kind solicitors that are linked with and donate annually to HASAG. There was also a range of beverages and biscuits, so there was never a chance of not having anything to do (…eat as much as I can).

A committee member very kindly gave me a few raffle tickets so I could participate in the excitement as to whether I would win anything, namely cider- which I did! Other opportunities to raise money for HASAG were also made clear, as set out on a table were various different cards and books which could be purchased as well as HASAG booklets and information.

I was then allowed to sit in o a meeting between the solicitors and HASAG, being able to listen as to what future fundraising and public speaking events were going to be held, and the passion put in by the group was worth a noticeable mention. The team, and the law firms they are associated with, understand that it is crucial that the message gets across that they want the best for their patients.

Thank you to the Team at HASAG for allowing me to come in and see how the coffee mornings work as it was not only interesting, but also a good experience for the future!