I just wanted to put my thoughts to you on HASAG’s counselling service. Many of you will know Helen and I from the Portsmouth coffee mornings and recently from the zoom meetings. I openly admit that since Helen’s diagnosis in 2016 I have really struggled to deal with the situation, I am also aware that I am not the only one struggling. At the coffee mornings I found it useful to share these anxieties with those in the same situation, obviously with the current Covid restrictions the proper coffee mornings have stopped and with the further lockdown restrictions in place I am sure a lot of us have even more anxieties  building up.

Since Helen’s diagnosis I have had several counselling sessions which have helped me tremendously, I am aware that counselling is not for everyone (before Helen’s diagnosis I would never have entertained it) but in case you think it might help you I just wanted to remind you that HASAG has a free counselling service.

My understanding is HASAG initially started the service and financed it, however since then the ladies have secured a lottery grant to finance it. I am currently having regular sessions and am finding them very beneficial. All I really want to say is if you have ever considered counselling then please give it a go, it won’t cost you a penny and, more importantly, it is not a drain on HASAG resources.

Stay safe everyone, look forward to having proper coffee mornings again. Tony.