Navigating the maze of statutory entitlements for mesothelioma patients and their families

When mesothelioma patients receive their diagnosis, it is often a shock and it can be difficult to know where to turn.  One avenue that can be explored is to seek assistance from statutory services to help with meeting a Mesothelioma patient’s needs, or the needs of a loved one.  However, this can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

Many do not know which statutory service to contact to instigate an assessment process. Some may find it difficult, particularly at a time of crisis, to fully prepare for and engage with an assessment to position themselves with the best possible chance of securing the right support to meet their assessed needs.

Couple this with the increasing tension between the high demand for services and the significant funding pressures public bodies face, it is so no wonder that many feel overwhelmed and lost.

To assist Mesothelioma patients, family members and friends, with understanding what support may be available to meet their needs, or the needs of a loved one, we have summarised below the different statutory funding streams it may be worth exploring.

Help for Adults

For Mesothelioma patients, family members or friends aged 18 or more, it may be possible to obtain health and social care support. It is worth noting that a key difference between health and social care provision is that care funded by the NHS is non-means tested (i.e. free at the point of access). By contrast, adult social care support is means tested and therefore subject to a financial assessment process.

Health care funding streams for adults include:

Eligibility for means-tested adult social care support provided under the Care Act 2014regime is dependent on demonstrating that the Mesothelioma patient, or adult has:

  1. A need for support because of a physical, mental impairment or illness; and
  2. Is unable to achieve two or more care outcomes (e.g. maintaining a habitable home, managing nutrition); and
  3. As a result, this is having a significant impact on the adult’s well-being; and
  4. Is ordinarily resident in the Local Authority’s area.

Help for Children and Young People

Some Mesothelioma patients may have grandchildren, or friends, caring for a child or young person living with a disability, injury or illness. At a time of crisis, ensuring they receive the support required to meet their complex needs is likely to be crucial to ensuring that families have a framework in place to support their loved one with Mesothelioma.

Different funding streams may be available to meet the special educational, health and social care needs of a child or young person. Support may include: