HASAG Asbestos Disease Support is dedicated to supporting people affected by Asbestos-related diseases in the South, South East, London and the Home Counties.

Hello all, My name is Elaine.

I was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in September after having surgery to remove part of my liver. It has all been rather sudden, I had never heard of it and this was all done in lockdown so I haven’t seen anyone. Oh I have had calls from loads of Dr’s some liver specialists some lung specialists, I don’t think they really knew what to do with me? anyway luckily for me in November I was told I wouldn’t need any further treatment at this time.

Now you would have thought I would be happy with this but I couldn’t get my head round it all. Did I have it? Did I not? Do I bother renewing my passport? What do I have in store for me? Also just as I had been diagnosed my Dad caught covid and died.

I didn’t feel I had anyone to talk too, I had to be strong for everyone. So I approached HASAG to ask about counselling, oh my god I’m so glad I did. It has been really helpful just to speak to someone neutral, someone who listens to me without judgment. I got through a lot of tissues in those sessions but it was so cathartic, she helped me see that it’s OK to be kind to yourself. I haven’t ever spoken to a counsellor before and never dreamed I would need too but sometimes you just need to give yourself a break. I would urge anyone to make that call and take your first step. I believe HASAG have funding from the lottery for it so it won’t cost you anything just an hour of your time a week.

Thanks for reading