As debilitating as an asbestos related disease can so often be, it is always so encouraging and rewarding to hear of patients who continue to carry on with their much loved hobbies and passions.  We have the pleasure of working with very strong willed and positively minded patients who are keen to carry on with their lives as normally as possible.

There are many examples of patients living their lives to the full, despite their diagnosis.  This article briefly focuses on a few of these inspirational stories below.

One patient was a very accomplished sailor and prior to his diagnosis spent many days sailing on his yacht, visiting a number of exciting locations.  Despite his diagnosis of mesothelioma, he was keen to carry on pursuing his sailing interests.  As part of the claim, possible adaptations to his yacht were considered in order for him to continue his passion for sailing.

Another patient was keen to continue working as a director of photography on a new film which involved travelling abroad.  His family very kindly stepped in to help assist him during the long filming days, which enabled him to rest in between shoots.  The film is nearing its conclusion and the patient is shortly due to help in the editing of the footage and has been allowed to work remotely at home in order to do so.

Family members of patients who have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease are so often encouraging in the support they provide.  A wife of a patient bought a bicycle in order to ensure she could cycle alongside her husband who used a mobility scooter as a result of his diagnosis.  This meant that they were still able to enjoy being out in the fresh air, like they had always done prior to the patient’s diagnosis.

There are many heart warming examples of patients who continue to live life to the full, despite their diagnosis.  It is truly inspiring to see patients have the determination to continue to carry out their much loved hobbies and passions.