Ashford Town FC are now proud to sponsor HASAG!

Ashford Town Football Club are a semi-professional football club with a huge youth selection with more than 30 teams from the age of 6 up to 18 including girls teams.

Dave Baker, one of our Woking regulars, is Chairman of the club.

In July 2016 I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and just a week later received a home visit from Alison. I live close to Heathrow airport. Alison took time to fill in forms for me and explain everything I was entitled to. This has helped enormously and I can never thank HASAG enough.
As chairman of Ashford Town I couldn’t stop singing the praises of the charity so much so that the club decided to adopt HASAG as their chosen charity. The club have held several events and fundraisers and will continue to do so. One more recent development was an approach from Matt Byrne our under 13s manager who had secured sponsorship for his teams shirts but the sponsor didn’t want publicity so he asked if they could display the HASAG logo, something that made me very proud. My wife and myself both gain an awful lot from the coffee mornings which can be great fun with humour as well as the tremendous support people show for each other.

We are so glad that we have been able to help Dave and his wife and are massively pleased that they have benefitted from the coffee mornings, it is always a pleasure to see them!

We want to say a huge thank you to Ashford Town FC and the incredible Dave Baker.