In 2021 our Trustees made the decision to transition from our current legal status as an ‘unincorporated registered’ charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). In July 2021 we made our application to the Charity Commission to make the transition to CIO and our application has now been approved.

Apart from a change to our registered charity number and some bank account details, nothing else will change.  Our services will continue as before.  Our charitable objects remain the same.

The new CIO will retain the name HASAG Asbestos Disease Support to read and continue to file its annual return and accounts to the Charity Commission.

CIOs are a relatively new form of charity that the Charity Commission introduced in 2013. Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO’s) provide a means for charities to incorporate and gain the benefits currently available to companies without the burden of dual regulation by both the Charity Commission and Companies House.  CIOs are registered charities and are administered by the Charity Commission.

We thank you all for you continued support.

Our new registered charity number is: 1197946